The Benefits of Aerial Photos & Video

Marketing and Branding

The previous are only a few of the many ways specific businesses can use aerial photography to their advantage. On a broader spectrum, all companies and businesses can use aerial photography for marketing and branding purposes. Aerial photos impress most people as they find their eyes drawn to shots with a bird’s eye view. Any business can increase their visual appeal by utilizing unique aerial photography. Branding strategies can also be greatly influenced by this type of photography & videos are elevated to higher level literally.

Construction Sites

Construction companies can benefit greatly from aerial photography in a few different ways. First of all, if a contractor, sponsor, or backer wants to see the progress of a particular project, thus aerial shots best portray the work that has been done.

Aerial Data

Capturing data from the air is most effective and accurate compared to conventional ways. For example, if you are monitoring people/traffic, aerial footage can give you the best quality results.

Building Inspections, Roof Inspections & Wind Turbines

Aerial inspections can provide critical inspection information in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of other remote-access methodologies, with the added benefit of removing most of the human risk factors. Remote inspections can be performed above, beside, underneath and even within most assets and locations, providing unprecedented access for inspection and monitoring purposes.

Wine farms & Lodges/Resorts

Aerial shots of these establishment and outdoor amenities are perfect for their websites or YouTube channel. One of the first things potential visitors look at when visiting a website is photos & videos; they want to see exactly what they will be paying for. Beautiful aerial shots will give potential visitors the best sense the property layout.

Special Events & Weddings

Aerial photographs are a great way to commemorate outdoor special events, such as major sporting events, corporate celebrations, product launches, wedding receptions, fairs, marathons; rally’s and or fund raisers.

Real Estate Companies

Real estate companies can greatly benefit from aerial photography because the true shape, size, and layout of a home/property can be properly captured. For potential buyers who want to see the home and its property as a whole, aerial photography does the best job of showing true dimensions & the home in all its beauty.